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Our updated proposal

At Woolworths, we pride ourselves on being a respectful and good neighbour. We always seek to listen and collaborate with the communities we are privileged to operate within. Following consultation in August, we have reduced building heights and shared more traffic information with you. Let's go through these updates.


We prepared our plans based on the future directions report for the Military Road Corridor Planning Strategy (MRCPS), and the extensive community consultation led by Council during this period. Our plans were aligned with the endorsed strategy. Since then, we have consulted the community and have made changes to reflect feedback, including a preference for lower heights. As a result, we have reduced building heights by 30%, down to 6 and 8 storeys, bringing the building into line with others in the area.


We have worked closely with traffic specialists on our plans, which include a detailed transport assessment report. This transport assessment contains all the information that would be provided within a Transport Management Accessibility Plan, including site conditions, traffic modelling, access strategy and proposed mitigation measures.

This assessment found:

Most new residents expected to catch public transport, and the plans increase walkable shopping options.

No more than 10 seconds of delay
(at peak hour)

5 seconds of delay 
(outside of  peak hour)

We have undertaken detailed traffic modelling in accordance with Transport for NSW guidelines and considered the impacts of the additional traffic movements on surrounding intersections. The traffic modelling shows that, given the choice of arrival and departure routes available to drivers, the impact to drivers at these intersections are increased delays of no greater than 10 seconds when compared current conditions. In most cases the increased delay is expected to be limited to less than five seconds.

Updated proposal

We have reduced building heights following community feedback and have retained the community offering featuring an upgraded supermarket, cafes and retail shielded from Military Road. 
Our proposal is for a community destination that features: 

  • An upgraded, full line supermarket tailored to Neutral Bay customers and consistent with the size of the current Rangers Road store

  • An outdoor community-focused public plaza that connects Yeo Street and Rangers Road with a wide pedestrian walkway

  • Green landscaping, creating more space for the community to spend time outside

  • A mix of around 70, one, two and three bedroom residential apartments

  • Around 200 underground community parking spaces, with additional parking for residents

  • New cafes, restaurants and local services for the community to enjoy

  • Around 1500sqm of commercial strata space

  • A new community space across 8 storeys at the highest point, stepping down to 6 storeys closer to neighbouring streets.

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