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Woolworths' presence in Neutral Bay

Woolworths has been active in the Neutral Bay community for many years, with 330 team members currently employed in the existing Rangers Road and Grosvenor Street stores. 


Our business is committed to working with local communities as we adapt and change our stores to meet community needs and preferences. 


Given its location, there is an important opportunity for Rangers Road to be adapted to create a full-line supermarket, enhanced public domain and high-quality apartments separated from Military Road.​

Woolworths seeks to strengthen and activate the southern side of Neutral Bay town centre, provide new public domain shielded from Military Road, improve walkability, provide an upgraded fresh food experience, and deliver quality homes close to transport and services.

The site at 1-7 Rangers Road and 50 Yeo Street fronts Rangers Road and Yeo Street and is an existing Woolworths supermarket, retail and car park without any activation to Yeo Street or pedestrian connectivity.

The plans consider the site's strategic location in the heart of Neutral Bay.​​​​

  • The location offers excellent access to the shops for people who live nearby.

  • It's easy for commuters travelling to and from the area into the CBD.

  • Integrating the design into the local character, allowing for an easy and seamless transition into the existing neighbourhood.

The space currently has very limited street activation or landscaping for the community to enjoy, which is a focus area in our plans to address.

Aerial image of Neutral Bay, Sydney with a green outline of the Woolworths' Neutral Bay site.

Aerial view of the site

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